Cola fragrance use
Cola flavor is a kind of beverage flavors that can be used for cola drinks, cola candy, E-liquid oil, cola seasoning sauce, gum, etc.Can be contacted: www.cnflavour.com WhatsApp: +86 15916284417【MORE】
What's feature of moon cake filling flavor?
Commonly used mooncake flavor: Purple potato flavor, egg yolk flavor, red bean flavor, durian flavor, green tea flavor, matcha flavor, chocolate flavor, pineapple flavor, mango flavor, passion fruit flavor, etc.Whatsapp NO.:+86 15916284417.【MORE】
What are the types of milk fragrance?
Bocing food company have many kinds of milk flavour,for example:egg yolk milk flavor,custard flavor,pure milk,frese milk,condensed milk,yogurt flavor,strawberry milk flavor,condensed milk flavour,and so on.www.cnflavour.com market@cnflavour.com【MORE】
Flavor application range
What is flavor application range?Let Bocing flavor talk to you about the Oil flavor,Emulsion flavor,Powder flavor,Wine flavor,etc.If you want to know the amount of essence, please see the text.【MORE】
What is the use of milk powder flavor?
Powder milk flavor can be used in drink, candy, dairy, ice cream, jelly, filling, puffed food, chocolate, cake, biscuits, etc. Bocing food flavor can provide liquid milk flavor, milk flavor powder, it can use in different food plants.E-mail:market@cnflavour.com【MORE】
How to request Chinese flavor samples?
How to request Chinese flavor samples?If you want to buy some suitable Chinese food flavors smoothly, you need to request some flavor samples to test.If the quantity of flavor sample is less than 500 grams, Bocing Food Flavor can provide small samples for free, of course, you need to pay for the freight yourself.【MORE】
How to find Chinese Food flavor factory
Bocing food flavor factory is a food flavour supplier,It have provided many kinds of flavors for many countries and regions.Mob:+86 15916284417(wechat/whatsapp)【MORE】
What is the amount addition of flavor?
Bocing flavor company already know the flavors can use in biscuits, bread, drinks, etc. Are the number of flavors in these foods all the same?What is the amount addition of flavor?If you want to know,contact me:+8615916284417(wechat/whatsapp)【MORE】
What types in China Food Flavor?
Bocing flavor company is a China food flavor factory,it have beverages flavor,baking flavor,candy flavor,etc.If you want to buy the high temperature flavor,please contact:Mobile/whatsapp:+86 15916284417,E-mail:market@cnflavour.com.【MORE】
How to buy Chinese flavors?
If you have any questions about how to choose the suitable food flavors, please contact us.China Bocing Flavors Company, Mobile: +86 15916284417, E-mail: market@cnflavour.com【MORE】
How many types of food flavors are there?
How many types of food flavors are there?Edible flavors are suitable for beverages, biscuits, cakes, frozen foods, and candies, Seasonings, dairy products, canned food, wine and other foods.If you want to know more informatin about foods flavor,please contact me:+86 15916284417,Email:market@cnflavour.com.【MORE】
What are food Flavours?
Food flavors: refer to the flavors of natural foods, using natural and natural equivalent flavors, and synthetic flavors to be carefully blended into various flavors with natural flavors.Welcome to order foods flavor,Mobile/Wechat/whatsapp:+86 15916284417,Email:market@cnflavour.com.【MORE】
what can the milk flavour use for?
Food flavor can help food companies add flavor to foods products. Food flavors are widely used in the food industry: cold drinks, dairy products, beverages, condiments, candy, baking, oral care products, etc..Welcome to contact us:Mobile/Wechat/whatsapp:+86 15916284417,Email:market@cnflavour.com.【MORE】