International Tea Show 2022(Japan Tokyo)
DATE:2022-07-05          SOURCE:Bocing Flavor

International Tea Show 2022(Japan Tokyo)

Exhibition time: July 27-29, 2022

Exhibition venue: Tokyo Youming International Exhibition Center

Organizer: TSO International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (TSO Internatinal Inc.)

China General Agent: Shanghai Fukong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.;

【Exhibition Introduction】

The Japanese Tokyo International Tea Fair is held in Japan each year. It is currently the international tea industry exhibition of Japan ’s professional and scale. The global market opportunities quickly promote the development of the international tea industry and tea trade. Participating in this exhibition can more directly understand the development of Japanese and world products and the specific needs of the market, which is conducive to improving the technical content of the product, adjusting the structure of the product, laying the foundation for high -quality products, and to improve exports, ensure normal exports, Guide direction.

【Exhibition Scope】

1. Tea: Green tea, black tea, matcha, vanilla tea, oolong tea, flavor tea, tea beverages, concentrated tea, Pu'er tea, flower tea, lower -pressure tea, etc.

2, tea set: teapot, tea bowl, tea spoon, tea cup, tea tray, etc.

3. Packaging: packaging box, paper bags, packaging materials, packaging design, packaging machinery, etc.

4. Make tea, tea crafts, tea room/shop supplies, tea extension products, processing machinery, tea technology, etc.;

Food Flavors 

Can use in: Baking, Drinks, Jelly, E-liquid, Milk products, Fishing, Filling, Candy, Biscuits,Ice cream, etc.

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