Guangzhou Four Seasons Wind Food Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It has many professional perfumers with rich experience in technology at home and abroad. The products are integrated with the latest European and American products. Top technology is one of the most professional companies in China that develops, produces and sells edible and daily flavors and fragrances. We have always been adhering to the "innovative safety, delicious and excellent As a long-term development concept of the company, we are striving to provide our customers with high quality and high level technical services. As the most reliable and valuable partner for our customers.
The company mainly deals in edible flavors: dairy flavor, high temperature baking flavor, pastry baking flavor, fruit flavor, nut flavor, vegetable flavor, tea beverage Fine and savory flavors, etc., while providing OEM processing services for fragrances.
 At the same time, our company will further invest in research and development of green agricultural and sideline products deep processing bases and products, and strive to develop into the most influential green and safe in South China. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly group company.


Development And Technology

he FSF Laboratory was established in 2008 and will form a corporate strategy of production, research and sales. It also marks the beginning of a new stage in the quality of FSF flavour, and carries out all-round research on new technologies, new raw materials and new applications of FSF flavour.

Help The Food Factory Solving R&D Problems

FSF can provide technical guidance for enterprises using flavor, provide support for enterprises and users to use flavor, help enterprises solve research and development problems, and improve food quality.