Zhuhai Bocing Food Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in food processing auxiliary materials such as food flavors, daily cosmetics flavors, ready-mixed powder, etc., and is committed to providing flavor products and application technical guidance for various food & daily cosmetics companies. The Bocing team are all employees in the additive or food industry for many years, with rich market experience and food research and production experience, and provide high-quality supply and technical services to customers at home and abroad.

The company’s main products are food flavors and daily chemical flavors, Complete variety, including various fruit flavors, milk flavors, nut flavors, vegetable flavors, tea beverage flavors, etc., which are used in baking, beverages, candy, medicine, condiments, daily chemicals etc. In addition Bocing also provides food processing technology counseling services.

We will uphold the corporate tenet of reputation first and quality first, advocate green and natural health concepts, and strive to become a reliable partner for customers at home and abroad, and join hands to create a beautiful blueprint for the flavor and fragrance industry.


Development And Technology

he FSF Laboratory was established in 2008 and will form a corporate strategy of production, research and sales. It also marks the beginning of a new stage in the quality of FSF flavour, and carries out all-round research on new technologies, new raw materials and new applications of FSF flavour.

Help The Food Factory Solving R&D Problems

FSF can provide technical guidance for enterprises using flavor, provide support for enterprises and users to use flavor, help enterprises solve research and development problems, and improve food quality.