The 22nd Malaysia International Beverage Food Trade Exhibition
DATE:2021-12-28          SOURCE:Bocing Flavor

Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair

Exhibition time: July 6-8, 2022

Exhibition location: Kuala Lumpur Convention Center KUALA LUMPU

Exhibition cycle: one year

Exhibition industry: food exhibition

Exhibition Scale: professional exhibition

Organizer: Sphere

The 22nd Malaysia International Beverage and Food Trade Fair(MIFB), will be held in Kuala Lumpur on July 6-8,2022. Exhibitions are divided into three major sectors: food and beverage finished products, food beverage processing and packaging equipment exhibitions and seafood and fisheries, raw materials and processing production, technology & supply chain solutions. 

2021 MIFB Expo continues to highlight in four key areas - ordinary food and beverage, seafood and fisheries, halal food and food technology. Malaysia is a global halal food exporter, involving 14 billion people in the world, the global Muslim people in food, beverages and their expenses; in 2023, it is expected to reach 3 trillion US dollars.