How to request Chinese flavor samples?
DATE:2022-03-12          SOURCE:Bocing Flavor

How to request Chinese flavor samples?

If you want to buy some suitable Chinese food flavors smoothly, you need to request some flavor samples to test.

Is the small sample of flavor free? If the quantity of flavor sample is less than 500 grams, Bocing Food Flavor can provide small samples for free, of course, you need to pay for the freight yourself.

You have to state your specific requirements first, such as the use of flavors (with drinks, bread, candy, medicine or e-liquid, etc.), flavors of test, flavors form, and so on.

Bocing flavor company has lot of flavors series , such as milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beverages, etc.You need know that what you want.

Flavor shape: powder flavor, liquid flavor, paste flavor, etc.

The more detailed demand for the flavour sample, you can get the sample as you want easily. Bocing food flavor supplier can help you:Provide flavor, improve quality.

You can contact Bocing in the following ways:

Mobile/Wechat/whatsapp:+86 15916284417

Tel:+86 0756 5577134