What is the amount addition of flavor?
DATE:2021-12-16          SOURCE:Bocing Flavor

We already know the use of flavors, What is the amount addition of flavor?

The use of flavors is very wide, can use in biscuits, bread, drinks, etc. Are the number of flavors in these foods all the same? Because each product is different, the amount of flavors will also be different too.

For example:

Oil flavor is used in hard candy, biscuits and other baking foods, etc., generally 0.2%. However, the oil absorbing flavor for solvents with propylene glycol can also be used for soda water, beverage, etc., generally 0.05-0.1%.

Water flavor is suitable for soda, beverage, ice cream, other cold drinks, wine, etc., generally 0.07-0.15%.

Emulsion flavor is suitable for soda, beverage, etc., generally 0.1%, and the amount of turbidity is 0.08-0.12%.

Slurry flavor is suitable for soda water, and the beverage is used, and it can also be used directly for soda water, beverage, generally 0.2-0.23% (full color), 0.05% (non-full color, additional Caraised color 0.15-0.18%) .

Powder flavor is suitable for biscuits, other meat, vegetables, poultry, puffed food, convenient food and soup, generally 0.3-1%.

Liquor flavor is usually adddition 0.04-0.1%,

Flavor of tea, the amount addition is about 1%.

Feed Powder flavor is usually 0.5 ‰, and feed flavor (for additives) (5% -10%).