How to buy Chinese flavors?
DATE:2021-10-20          SOURCE:Bocing Flavor

How to buy Chinese flavors?

If you want to buy China's flavors in another country, due to the cause of the epidemic, you can't come to visit the Chinese flavors factory, how do you choose the flavors as you want?

Bocing flavor company as a Chinese flavor provider, provides you with the following recommendations:

1, Flavor types: from the big type can be divided into food flavors, daily flavors.

Food flavor is used in food processing, daily essence, is used in the flavor of perfume, cosmetics, toiletries ,bath product etc.

2, if you choose food flavor,you can according to the different needs of use.

Food flavours can be divided into powder flavor, liquid flavor, paste flavor; according to the nature, it can be divided into oily flavor and water-soluble.

Make solid drinks, use powder flavors.If you want to do the  liquid beverages, use liquid flavors will be better; if you do the product needs high temperature, you need oily flavor.

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