The 25th China Food Additives and Ingredients (FIC2022)
DATE:2021-07-21          SOURCE:Bocing Flavor

The 25th China  Food Additives and Ingredients (FIC2022)/The 31st National Food Additive Production and Application Technology Exhibition

Food Ingredients China 2022

Exhibition time: March 15th to 17th, 2022

Exhibition address: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 2.1 Museum / 3 Museum / 4.1 Museum / 5.1 Pavilion / 6.1

Through continuous efforts, FIIC2022 has achieved optimization on the use of the pavilion, all exhibition halls will be located on the same floor (0 meter of the National Convention and Exhibition Center). Exhibitors will have more, more fully engaged opportunities, and professional audience will have more convenient and efficient visits. Thanks to the domestic and foreign food additives and ingredients in the ingredients industry to trust and support!

FIC2022 Exhibition Hall and Product Partition

2.1 Domestic natural and functional products, machinery and equipment and testing instruments exhibition areas

No. 3 International Exhibition Area

Building 4.1 International Exhibition Area

5.1 Chinese integrated product exhibition area

China Fragrant Spices and Seasoning Exhibition in Hall 6.1

FIIC2022 exhibition range

(1) Food additives: acidity regulators, antisons, antioxidants, and the like.

(2) Food Industry Processing Auxiliary Auxiliaries: Removal, anti-adhesive, defoamer, and the like.

(3) Comparative food additives: compound sweeteners, compound preservatives, compound antioxidants, compound colorants, and the like.

(4) Food ingredients: flavor, starch, denaturation starch, starch sugar, sugar alcohol and other original excipients.

(5) New food raw materials

(6) Food equipment, instruments and materials: food and pharmaceutical processing machinery, food packaging filling machinery, food testing equipment and skills

Surgery, packaging materials.

(7) Food additives and ingredient production applications

(8) Professional publications and media

(9) Consulting and certification services