Oranges juice flavor
Product Details

Orange juice flavor includes solid powder flavor and liquid flavor, which are divided into water-soluble flavor and oil-soluble flavor.

      Scope of application: biscuits, pastries, fillings and other bakery products; candy series; ice cream and other dairy products; carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages, tea beverages and other beverages; daily chemical products, etc.


      1. Orange juice flavor has the fruity aroma of natural orange juice. It can be added to cakes, beverages and other foods to make the product have a sweet orange juice taste; after being added to chemical products, it can make the product have pure orange juice, which is refreshing.

      2. Orange juice flavor can be widely used in various food processing. It can not only enhance and improve the flavor of the product, but also conceal the bad flavor of the processed product itself.

      3. It can be customized according to customers' production and processing requirements and needs.