Cranberry flavor
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Cranberry flavour

Cranberry flavor is  Zhuhai Bocing Food's flavor products, which can be used in: cranberry beverages, cranberry biscuits, cranberry pastries, cranberry sweets, etc. Welcome to purchase cranberry flavors.

Cranberry flavor has a delicate cranberry flavor, natural aroma, long-lasting fragrance, the following is the product usage method of cranberry flavor:


     The cranberry flavor is used in the production of the product according to the amount, and the flavor should be distributed as evenly as possible when using it, and it should not be eaten directly.

     Suggested dosage:

     The specific dosage is determined according to the actual conditions of different products and production processes, and the recommended dosage is 0.05%-0.15%.


     1. Store at room temperature, in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

     2. After unpacking the cranberry flavor, please keep it tightly sealed to avoid moisture, volatilization and discoloration.

     3. Please use it as soon as possible after unpacking, do not use it after expiration, so as not to affect product quality.