Winter melon flavors
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Winter melon flavors range:

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Baking flavors: all kinds of bakery products such as cakes, biscuits, fillings, etc.:

Confectionery flavors: all kinds of hard candies, soft candies, chewing gum, chocolate, jelly and other confectionery products:

Beverage flavors: various carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages, tea beverages, functional beverages and other popular products on the market:

Dairy flavors: various dairy beverages such as popsicles, ice cream, ice cream, functional dairy products, etc.:

Savory flavors: various fillings, instant noodle seasonings, puffed foods and other salty and seasoning products;

Vegetable flavors: various ingredients, such as tomatoes, wheat, taro, etc.;

Condiment flavor: all kinds of condiments.

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