Sweetsop flavor
Product Details

Sweetsop flavor use in tropical food, low sugar health food and beverage products. The lychee has a strong sweet taste, enhances the final flavor of food, beverage, and bringing the taste of natural lychee fruit. Because of its With a rich sweetness, it is especially suitable for low-sugar foods, beverages, while reducing sugar intake does not affect the taste, making the product significantly.

Sweetsop beverage production formula:Investigate the formula of Sweetsop fruit juice beverage. The best formula is determined by orthogonal experiment with the dosage of sour agent, stabilizer and formula. The best formula (concentration ratio): Sweetsop flavor 0.07‰, Sweetsop fruit juice (fruit and water according to the mass concentration of 100 g/L) 50%,citric acid 0.25%,malic acid 0.01%,VC 0.05% xanthan gum 0.10%, carboxyl methyl cellulose(CMC 0.10%, sugar 10%, the rest is water. The fruit juice preparated by the best formula is producted after bottling, homogenization, sterilization and cooling. The product quality is stable,has a unique flavor of Annona squamosal fruit.