Papaya Liquit Flavor
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Papaya Liquit Flavor

Papaya flavor has a strong ripe papaya flavor, including papaya powder flavor and papaya liquid flavor, which mainly regulates processed papaya food to achieve the ideal papaya flavor.

Zhuhai Bocing Foods is a food additive provider. In addition to providing food flavors such as papaya flavor, strawberry flavor, banana flavor, and mango flavor, it can also provide technical guidance for enterprise processing and help food factories solve the problem of product flavoring.

The following is the relevant information of the essence:

Net weight: 25KG/piece

Shelf life: 1 year

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Origin: China

Add to use: can not be eaten directly, need to be added to the product

Delivery time: within 7 days

Packing: barreled or canned