Fenda flavor
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Fenda flavor

Fanta flavors are a kind of beverage flavors. It is an indispensable food additive for Fanta beverages. It has a strong flavor and natural Fanta flavor. It is like beverage factories in many countries and regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia.

Fanta fragrance can be used in other foods such as candy, wine and other foods.

Fanta flavor powder Fanta flavor, Fanta liquid flavor, pineapple flavor, grape flavor, orange flavor ~~

Brand: Bocing

Form: liquid or powder

Level: Food Grade

Color: natural color

Packaging weight: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg:

Packaging: The blue barrel or bag inside, the carton outside

Square period: 24 months

Add: 0.7-0.8 ‰

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